Oyo State
PHC Project

Transforming healthcare delivery at the primary level has never been better. The present administration across the State is resolute on ensuring that quality healthcare is delivered to our people - especially at the grass-root, which constitutes about 70% reach (Minister of Health, 2015) of healthcare delivery to the nation.

33 clinics

Records are automatically synced from these clinics to the cloud.

127435 sessions

All primary healthcare services of these clinics are recorded.

66700 patients

Registered at the clinics, whose information are in the cloud.

601 diagnoses

Unique ailments people have been treated of.

PHC Solution

Is accessible across devices and multiple operating systems

ePHC Screenshot

Home-grown EMR Software

An excellent EMR and reporting solution in managing essential aspects of primary healthcare delivery. Seamlessly integrates with DHIS2.

Resource tool for Providers

Houses the entire National Standing Order and the National Standard Treatment Guidelines making access to information SIMPLE and EASY.

Solar powered rugged computers

No power outage!!! Clinics are always on as their computers are powered by Solar. Hence, we drive the required efficiency 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few questions people usually ask and their answers

Proper and complete health medical record documentation; Improvement in the quality of primary healthcare delivery; Integration to other health systems (DHIS2, NMHIS, etc); Easy access to national guidelines and other resources; Aligning medical officers with modern clinical practice using technology; Provision of data useful for medical research; etc.
Our focus is on primary healthcare delivery. So, by improving the creation, storage and retrieval of medical records as well as providing a central demystified resource platform, we help improve the quality of healthcare delivery. In essence, we affect maternal and child health, general practise, aged clinic, health management, forecasting, forensics, etc.
No it does not. By contrast, it makes them more effective and efficient. Remember, someone still has to put the information into the computer systems and artificial intelligence cannot substitute for the medical knowledge, skill and experience in this space.
Well, at the beginning, learning curve will apply but over the time, people will get used to the system and in little time, delivery time is significantly improved. Also, our design and architecture ensures optimal system utilization such that work is done locally but synchronized to the private cloud hourly. Tasks are completed by few clicks and minimal input.
With e´PHC solution, the government can now better manage her employees and the patients they attend to because there is easier access to comprehensive information about almost all clinical activities at the PHCs.

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